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Hamoosit is a center for all your purchasing needs. We cater to shoppers and vendors need to create a hassle-free, quick, and quality experiences for your purchases and your business. We have a business model centered around our clients. Yeah, that’s you! If you are a shopper, we use the algorithms in our online system to build a shopper experience designed around you. If you are a vendor, we will connect you to your shoppers and make it easier than ever to get your products to your shoppers. We take your feedback very seriously. Using the ratings and reviews you provide on your experience, we will consistently strive to give you quality service.

As Ethiopian entrepreneurs,our purpose is to uplift our people and get them access to the products that their friends and family around the world uses. We want each and every Ethiopian family, future artist, computer genius, musician, and aspiring filmmaker to have the tools they need to build and succeed in their field. We want to inspire the next generation of Ethiopian entrepreneurs and creatives to build a thriving economy and society.


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